What is Parquetry?

Parquetry wood flooring is a pre- cut rectangular, or Chevron (mitred) shaped block of wood that comes in a range of sizes; that can assemble together on a surface to make a floor

Parquetry has the advantage of combining shape and style with the beauty and colour of wood.

The length of the block is related to its width, which is important for creating proportion, and shapes in floor design.

It does not have a tongue and groove like floorboards, so it can be refinished many times in its service life.

The simplicity of parquetry is in the design which allows each block of timber to adhere directly to a prepared substrate or sub-floor. This means the floor has the ability to last decades and even centuries.


Because the pre-cut rectangular blocks can come in many sizes, the number of different patterns that can be created are almost endless which makes each floor completely unique, and unlike any other in its class.

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Lasting decades and even centuries, a parquetry floor is a sound investment




A parquetry floor can be resurfaced over and over without compromising its lifespan.



Over time, and with normal use, your parquetry floor will develop in colour, feel and look.



A recent study in America has found wood floors make a house more desirable to own, and increases the sale value of a home or office.



What a Parquetry Floor Can do For Your Home

A parquetry timber floor can bring style, uniqueness, character, and value to any home of office. The stunning designs created within a parquetry floor are eye-catching, and visually pleasing. They create a light mood and atmosphere, and will significantly increase the value of any home or office.

Parquetry has that same high-quality, cherished antiquity feel and look to it that an antique piece of furniture has or an old musical instrument that gets handed down from generation to generation. Parquetry has the advantage of being able to eloquently combine shape and style with the alluring beauty and colour of real wood; something no other flooring can do.