We provide a service performing fine floor sanding to Sydney.

Have you ever made something out of wood? There is something very satisfying about making things with our hands. I have built luxurious items out of wood. The question then becomes, what finish will best suit this wood?


One of the prised aspects of a wood floor is the beauty of the colour, and shape of the grain.

When it comes to timber floorboards, we must prepare the timber boards and then coat them with a polish. This has to be done with a level of skill and expertise, otherwise it will not last or the finish will soon darken and obviate the beauty and true colour of the wood.


Why have beautiful timber floors without a beautiful finish? This is something critical to the overall appearance of your home.

This is why it is important to accept that the price of this job should be secondary to the promise of creating a beautiful and luxurious finish onto your wood, building lustre to better see the beauty of the grain. This is primarily done with the skill and ability of the operator. You can trust We Love Parquet to get this done for you in the timeframe you have in mind.