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What is an engineered floor?

Engineered wood flooring is a flooring type that has a veneer of very desirable wood, adhered onto a sub-base of less expensive or structural wood!

In the case of a plywood sub base the quality can vary greatly, that is why it is important to talk to We Love Parquet.

The flooring is manufactured to have an interlocking tongue and groove system to hold it in place.

Some flooring systems are designed to be “floated” that is they are not adhered to the substrate, while other systems will need adhesive, what would you choose? It depends on your situation in your premises or what you expect to use it for.

When you are looking into Engineered wood flooring in Sydney, you should call We Love Parquet as we have a few different types to choose from, but our raw engineered range is a great choice for all people who are discerning customers on a budget.

You can have a look at our range here https://weloveoakfloors.com.au/raw-engineered/

You can also see our premium range here https://www.weloveparquet.com.au/3d-tour/

When a floor is directly stuck to a prepared substrate,. and sanded and finished in situ, we have created a cohesive structure, that cant be beat, Talk to us today. Call 1300 467 277


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