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Sanding and polishing Sydney

After installation of your new floor, We Love Parquet completes the project with sanding and personalised finishing, the customised highlight of the flooring process.

Your preferences for colour and finish can be realised to create a floor that will be the foundation of your interior design and style.

We specialise in new installations, renovations and restoration of timber flooring. As experienced craftsmen, we have been honoured to be the chosen tradesmen for restoration of flooring in heritage buildings and elegant mansions in Sydney and environs.

Sanding the floor requires various grades of sandpaper depending on the quality of the timber and the finish that is required. A smooth sanding will ensure the stain and finish of the floor will be perfect, which is what we aim for.

Call us today for your special quote and we will delver what we quote for.

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Colour matching for wood floors

Colour matching wood floors is critical for a great result for a renovation or restoration. You may want the floor to match other rooms, or a special item of furniture that will be a showpiece in the room.

Often the process requires testing to ensure the stain or wash appears the way you want. There is a reaction between the stain and the wood, that differs due to a range of factors. The end result depends on the variety of timber, the age of the wood, its grain, knots and the character of the wood, as well as what it was previously treated with.

Different stains react differently depending on the timber they are being applied to. If you are looking for a very light or very dark finish, the desired outcome must take into account the type of wood as well as the result you are trying to achieve. We Love Parquet can advise on colour matching to suit your project.



Custom stain colour creation

We Love Parquet’s flooring specialists will work with you to achieve the colour finish you have in mind for your floor whether it is a restoration or a new installation.

While a high-quality wood floor is always in fashion, the colour of the floor can be customised to meet changing styles and shades.

We aim to produce the colour floor you are looking for, including:

  • Lacquered boards
  • Oiled finishes
  • High shine
  • Matt finish
  • Lime wash


Colour studio

We Love Parquet offers you the opportunity to create your own colour for the floor you are planning.

Visit one of our showrooms with a colour swatch for the colour you want, and we will assist you to test our various colours on a sample timber block.

Our colour studio is designed to personalise the flooring experience and involve you with the blending of colours and stains.

You can try out the colours for yourself and talk through what you are trying to achieve. With our colour matching expertise, together we can design the result you are looking for.

Call into one of our showrooms at Potts Point and Mosman and talk to Ivan Kirton for this personalised, customized service.